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A.M.B.’s works are influenced by some of the great heavyweights within his genre of rap music, such as Nas, Rakim, Talib Kweli and Jay Z. He is blessed with the clarity of utilizing his speedy rapping and rhyming ability to exhibit his never-ending gift of wordplay. Inspired by his first love of rap, A.M.B. has produced a variety of ‘Solo Mixtape Albums’ of his works and have been released August, 2003 to 2015

His ‘Rap Sheet’ has been able to produce a lists of performance headlines event happenings of various locations within the Boston area, such as, Fisher College, Bentley College, Mt Ida College, Verve Lounge, Slades Nightclub, Milly's Tavern and Showtime at the Apollo (the Boston edition). His musical accomplishments, has produced additional crossover-records with Reggae tone Artist - El Chombo, Mr. Saik & Leo for the Single/Video, “Quiero Dem Bow” released in 2007.

A.M.B. a/k/a African Man Born self-produced and released,

 (14) official solo albums as some of the most important hip-hop releases in recent years which includes 1979 & Hip Hop 2 Nuwop Vol. 1 (The Scroll Of Hits),  I Am Hip-Hop, & The Mixtape Originals & The K.I.N.G. but his finest work is yet to come.  On November 12, 2023 A.M.B. will release his 15th official album Titled  Vintage.  Now considered an OG in the underground world of hip hop he takes on the responsibility of reaching the minds of the hip hop listeners in todays troubled society. 


       He has also released a series of mini movies all directed by himself.  These movies are designed to highlight his activities as an underground artist, activist, teacher & business man.  The movie Titles Are (The Path Of A.M.B. Volumes 1 & 2, The Humble Experience Starring Hot Mizz Of Amesty Records, It's Bigger Than Hip Hop 5, A.M.B @ Art Is Life Itself.  The Filming venture started with his video catalog which continues to grow in numbers totaling 19 from 2012 til 2017.  Now an official youtube podcaster he is now creating other forms of self sufficient media for the positive upliftment in his hip hop community.  A.M.B created 2 shows titled the AMBTV Live (Facebook) & Random Thoughts (Youtube).  Both Podcast currently bring raw and authentic truth unapologetically.  You can also listen to African Man Born on all major platforms for podcast streaming titled A.M.B. Radio Live.

A.M.B. is a self sufficient entertainment and business entity with no outside help.  He has been determined to reach his goals for well over a decade and he is not stopping anytime soon.  He is all about the spreading of knowledge and he teaches through the vibration of music overstanding the importance to deliver a solid message to the conscience community.

The writing, producing and vocal representation of his musical works is a true representation of his emcee skills as a seasoned Hip-Hop Rap artist.

Mix Tape Albums (Solo & Team)

Anonymous Mixtape Album Volume 1 (Aug 2003) (The Album)
Anonymous Mixtape Album Volume 2 (Feb 2004) (Da Revolutionary)
Anonymous Mixtape Album Volume 3 (July 2004) (Ventilation)
T.A. Mixtape Album Volume 1 (Oct 2004) (Together Again) Team Mixtape
Anonymous Mixtape Album Volume 4 (May 2005) (Machedy's Threat) Double Disc
Anonymous Mixtape Album Volume 5 (May 2009) (Machedy's Hustle)
Anonymous Mixtape Album Volume 6 (July 2010) (Machedy's Soul) Double Disc
Anonymous Mixtape Album Volume 7 (Dec 2012) (Premier Perfection)

Anonymous Mixtape Album Volume 8 (Nov 2014) (Classic Transition)

Anonymous Mixtape Album Volume 9 (Dec 2015) (The Completion)

The F.W.O. Mixtape Vol. 1 (June 27, 2017)

The F.W.O. Mixtape Vol. 2 (Sept. 18, 2018) (9:99)

The Brother Sheps (Mixtape) (Feb 29, 2020)

This Nu Thangs Dedicated To Wu Tang (Mixtape) (Nov 10, 2020)

The Brother Sheps 2 (Under Quarantine) (Sept. 1, 2021)

The Brother Sheps 3 (The Last Man Standing) (May 23, 2022)


Compilation CDs

The Best Of Anonymous Mixtapes Volume 1 (Aug 2012)

The Underground Legacy Volume 1 (Aug 2014)

The Greatest Of Anonymous Mixtapes Vol. 1-9 (March 2017)

Anonymous Mixtape Celebration 2003-2023 (August 15, 2023)

Music Videos Directed By: El Chombo

Quiero Dem Bow (September 2007)

Voy Paya (Unknown)

Music Videos (Directed, Filmed And Edited By A.M.B. African Man Born)

God M.C. (July 19, 2012)
I Do Dis 4 Da Hood (August 11, 2012)
God State Of Mind (September 3, 2012)
I Do Dis 4 Da Hood(Remix) (September 21, 2012)
In Your Face (October 1st, 2012)
Microphone Master (November 3rd 2012)
Face The Facts (December 17, 2012)
I'm A Legend (April 27, 2013)
Our Time (July 19, 2013)
Mass Appeal (November 17, 2013)

Speak The Truth (March 1, 2014)

Warning Letter (July 9, 2014)

Down With The King (June 21, 2015)

9 Reasons (November 9, 2015)

Wake Up & Straighten Up (December 9, 2015)

Out Of This World (February 20, 2016)

African Mind (April 18, 2016)

I Got God Wit Me (August 2016)

Where I'm From (March 2017)

Liquid Swordz (March 2020)

Right Knowledge (Coming Soon)

9th Degree (April 2020)

Mighty Healthy (May 9, 2020)

Walk Right On In (Aug. 14, 2021)

This Is My Journey (Sept. 18, 2021)

I Am Hip-Hop (Oct. 9, 2021)

Lesson Learn'd (Nov. 10, 2021)

Plandemic (Coming Soon)

Official Movies (Directed By A.M.B. (African Man Born)

The Path Of A.M.B. (March 22, 2013)
The Humble Experience (Spring 2013)
The Path Of A.M.B. 2 (Dedication) August 15, 2013
It's Bigger Than Hip Hop 5 (Full Movie) December 16, 2013

A.M.B. @ Art Is Life Itself (Full Movie) February 25, 2014

The Student Teacher (Full Mini Movie) January 18, 2016

Hip Hop 2 Nuwop (Show Pilot) April 1, 2017




The God MC's Guide To Creating Balanced Hip Hop Music (Coming Soon)

Official Albums

The Introduction (Street Album) (Jan 9, 2009)
True Colors (Sept 9, 2009)
The Greatest Unknown ( July 1, 2011)
The M.C. (May 23, 2012)
The M.C. 2 (Rhythm & Poetry) (August 15, 2013)

The M.C. 3 (The Black Light) (May 23, 2016)

The Freedom Fighter (December 9, 2016)

The Legacy (February 1, 2018)

1979 (May 23, 2019)

Hip Hop 2 Nuwop Vol. 1 (The Scroll Of Hits) (May 23, 2020) 

I AM HIP-HOP (January 18, 2021)

The Mixtape Originals (January 1, 2022)

The K.I.N.G. (July 8, 2022)

African Man Born's Music (August 11, 2022)

Vintage (November 12, 2023)

G.O.D. (Greatness Over Dominance) Summer 2024


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Got God Wit Me - African Man Born
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